3 Business Manners in Japan! Tips to Do Business Smoothly in Japan

【Is Japanese Business Manner Unique?】
Japanese companies have very unique manners compared to your culture
that you have experienced in your mother country though those manners are very common and s
hould be observed on business occasion in Japan. Of course, Japanese might think foreign people does not know them completely,
but sometimes it is better to know them and behave based on the manner to do business in Japan smoothly.
【3 Things You Need to Do】
①Be Punctual
In your country, it might not be a big problem even though the delivery date is late or a meeting starts later than scheduled.
However, in Japan, sometimes it is very crucial to be punctual even for one minute such as a business meeting or appointment.
Of course, the delivery date must be on time.
To be punctual is, in Japanese business manner, to show your respect or politeness to your colleague,
client and boss, which influence on your company’s trust from others.
You need to keep it in mind if you are ordered to be always on time when you are working for Japanese company.
It is certainly natural that there is a gap between Japanese and other cultures,
and the importance of greeting is also one of them in in many cases.
For example, it is rare that Japanese hugs or shakes hands between business partners unless they are foreign company.
On the other hand, in foreign culture such as American or European countries,
it is normal for people to shake hands even on business occasion.
So you need to pay attention not to trouble your business partner.
In the office, not only when you come to the office go go home, but also when you go out for appointments or lunch,
you should to greet to your colleague or boss. If you do not know when you greet, let’s look at your colleague how and when they greet.
③Appearance and Dressing
In Japan, it is one of the important business manners how you dress and look during working.
Basically, you wear the business suit if you are male.
For female, it is quite flexible at how you dress while there are some internal rules for each company.
Few companies allow you to wear jeans and t-shirt when you are working.
Wearing the business suit is also a form of showing your respect to your partner as a business manner in Japan.
If you do not dress properly, it can be considered that you are impolite or less respectful to your business partner or client.
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