Who We Are

We, Career Diversity Inc. are a recruiting / headhunting company with a vision described below. To provide the better environment in which anybody from all over the world can work fairly in Japan no matter what background (nationality, culture, religion etc.) they have. Recently, more and more foreigners have been working in Japan. However, they might feel difficult or unfair about working in Japan in terms of their language, culture, religion and so on. On the other hand, it is getting tough for Japanese company to secure enough labor force due to the decrease of the productive population caused by the aging society in Japan. Moreover, even though they employ a foreign staff, they seem to have difficulties in communication and management. Therefore, they couldn’t maximize their resource fully. We can communicate with job seekers using multi language such as Japanese, English, Indonesian, Chinese and so on. In order to solve these problems, we promise to offer the best solution for the sake of “Job Seekers”, “Company” and “Society”.

Why Career Diversity?

①Introduce you a company that understand and respect your background We promise to introduce you a company that have multi-cultural understanding. And we will have a meeting with you about your career plan, your skill and your potential. So to maximize your ability, we will fully support you even after you enter the company. ②100% free of charge for job seekers We do not charge you at all. We will support you for free.

Service we offer

We introduce foreign workers who live in Japan and overseas. This solution will prevent the mismatching between the job seeker and the company, as experienced staff will implement effective and detailed meeting with the job seekers in advance to exactly grasp their needs. We introduce Japanese worker in various industries. Also, we are committed to become a platform for the chef and service staff who has experienced food diversity service. Food diversity means a dietary choice such as Halal (Muslim), Vegetarian, Vegan, Allergy, and so on. Recently, dietary choice has been more diversified than before because many foreigners visit Japan. This will be a key idea for food industry in the near future. You can learn a variety of know-how from “Understanding of Multi-culture” to “Management of foreign worker” even though it is the first time for your company to accept them. By preparing the proper environment for foreign worker, you can minimize the risk to quickly resign and improve their motivation to work longer. We provide helpful and beneficial information to help foreigners’ life in Japan.