Japanese Language Course for Indian

We offer Japanese language online course for professionals in Japan to seek for better opportunities with affordable price but QUALITY FACILITIES!

Our Class

You can choose each level of JLPT from N5 to N1 according to your target. Basically, Japanese company requires talents with JLPT N3 proficiency at least, you can achieve much more opportunities if you have JLPT N2 proficiency.

Conversation is a fundamental of communication. Not only daily conversation, you can focus on business occasion if you study with us. Our professional teachers will share useful tip or speaking Japanese.

Our Teacher

Chaitrali Panse Sensei
She is a certified Japanese language trainer with 15 years of experience, taking Master’s from Pune University and completed Japan government’s JLPT N2 level in 2003. Also working as the founder of Hikari Center for Japanese Language, which provides training to corporate employees, students, and children.

Why Us?

Free Consultation

You might be confused at targeting your Japanese proficiency for your career. Please feel free to ask us about language target.

Group or Private

Depending on your motivation and preference, you can choose group class or private class where batch of maximum is 10 students.

Original Method for Indian leaners!

Our Indian teacher will teach you the way Indian can effectively learn based on Indian language grammar.

Job Consultation

After you join our program and reach to JLPT N3 level, we will provide you career consultation with professional recruiter. What we will provide you is

■Guidance for successful resume – How and what you should include in your CV –
■Interview practice – Tips of how you should perform in interview –
■Job offer – Grab higher and more professional job in Japan –

Let’s study Japanese with us and start to run on the road to working in Japan!

Price List

JLPT N5 Group¥120,000
JLPT N4 Group¥129,000
JLPT N3 Group¥1380,000
JLPT N2 Group¥168,000
JLPT N1Group¥210,000
Private¥3,500 / session

■JLPT class is 3 days in a week, 1.5 hours each day.
■For starting any group class, we can start with minimum 5 students.
■Weekends batches are also available. Sat Sun 2 hours each day.
■For Conversation batches, minimum we need n5 passed students. Those batches schedule will be decided with Native Japanese teacher.
■The above price is before tax calculation. Japanese consumption tax 10% will be added when you purchase.
■Payment is available on bank transfer, paypal only.

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Let’s start your language adventure!