5 Tips for Shukatsu Interview! How to Pass Job Interview in Japan

【Unique Japanese Recruiting System】

Japanese recruiting system is quite unique in some ways compared to other countries. This is because most Japanese companies see much on the interviewee’s manner and characteristics other than their skill or experience. In this term, this article may help you to know a little bit about the tips to pass the job interview.


【5 Tips for Job Interview】

Point①: Appearance and Dressing


First impression is very important for job interview. So please be careful to show yourself appropriate.
■Suit should be black, navy or gray. Shirt is basically white.
■Avoid wearing short-sleeve shirt even in the summer.
■Shoes should be black. Socks are basically black or navy.
■Shave your beard before you go to the interview. In Japan, beard is generally associated with uncleanness.
■Set hairstyle to show cleanness. Long hair, colored hair is not allowed.

■Suit should be black, navy or gray. Shirt is basically white.
■You can choose pants or knee-length skirt
■Avoid excessive makeup and manicure. Natural makeup is preferred.
■According to your hair length, better to tie with hairpin or hair elastic


Point②: What to Bring

You need to prepare for the interview a day before at least. Don’t forget to check what to bring.
■Entry Sheet and resume (Rirekisho)
■Student card

Point③: At the Reception
Before visit the reception, you have to be done all the things below.
■Check your appearance
■Set your mobile silent mode or off
■Prepare document that you need to submit
■Go to bath room


Point④: Time

Please make sure of your schedule for the interview and have enough time.
■You better to go to the reception 5-10 minutes before the interview
■Spend time somewhere near the venue if you arrive too early
■Coming late should definitely be avoided
■Start with apology and excuse if you are late


Point⑤: When You are Called

Interview starts when you enter the room, and finish when you get out of the room.
■Your behavior from entering to getting out of the room is accessed
■Knock the door 3 times. And enter after they say “Please” or “どうぞ“
■Enter with “Excuse me” or “失礼します”. And bow once.
■Before having a seat, mention your name and greeting next to the chair
“Thank you for your time. My name is ●●. Nice to meet you”
■Have a seat after they ask you to do so.
■Put your bag next to the chair
■After it finishes, say thanks and get out of the room politely.
“Thank you today. Pardon me for leaving”


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