How Much Does It Take to Live in Tokyo?

How Much Does It Take to Live in Tokyo? Check Living Cost in Tokyo!

【Income and Expense】
When you are looking for a job in Japan, you are likely to see the salary that you will get from the company. Of course it is very important when you think of your career. However, when it comes to the calculation of daily living cost, you need to see your expense as well. In this article, the example of living cost (expense) in Tokyo is introduced, so please read it and make a financial plan to live in Tokyo before you get job an opportunity in Tokyo!

【How Mush is Monthly Living Cost in Tokyo?】
It is generally said that if you live alone in Tokyo, the monthly living cost is around 140,000 yen. Rent cost accounts for the major proportion because it is quite expensive especially in Tokyo. Even within Tokyo, this rent cost will differ from place to place depending to the area of Tokyo. And the price becomes higher if you want to choose good conditions such as the new building, 3 minutes from the station, the safe security and so on.

If you want to save money, you would better choose an affordable apartment because rent cost is the major part of your total expense of your life in Tokyo. When you choose your apartment, please make your priority for the price. Once you contract with the apartment, you need to keep paying the rent during the contract period.

Or Cooking by yourself is also a good effort to reduce your expense. Eating in the restaurant in Japan is quite costly and takes around 1,000 yen per meal. By cooking by yourself, you can decrease your food expense and save more money for it.

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