How Many Hours Can Foreign Students Do Part-Time Job?

How Many Hours Can Foreign Students Do Part-Time Job?

【Check Your Visa】
When you come to Japan to study or 留学, your visa purpose will be to study in Japan.
First of all, you need to acquire “Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted” in addition to “Student Visa” if you want to do part-time job in Japan. This is because in order not to disturb your purpose (=study), you have to observe the limitation of working time, which is established by Japan’s government. Accordingly, you need to think and plan well how long or how many times you work weekly and talk to your manager if needed.

【How Many Hours Can You Work?】
During the school semester, foreign students can work for 28 hours at max in a week. And it will be expanded to 40 hours in a week (or 8 hours a day) if you are on long vacation such as summer vacation etc. This will be equally applied to the students such as Japanese language school, college, university, graduate school and so on.

【The Industry You can not Work for】
You are prohibited to work in at adult entertainment businesses such as sex-related business, bar, amusement arcade and so on. Even though you are in charge of the kitchen or cleaning in this industry, it is not allowed to be engaged in these industries.

【If You Overwork?】
If you violate this rule, you are subject to the punishment (Jail sentence for less than 3 year, or fine for less than 3 million yen) by Japan’s government and will affect your visa status and your career. Even though you did not know this rule, this punishment is imposed on you if you did not observe the regulation.

【Know the Rule and Enjoy Your School Life】
There are some rules as described already for foreign students to work in Japan. But it is not too complicated and you are responsible for your behavior in Japan. If you feel anxious or concerned about this, you should ask your school or immigration office first to check the rule and facts that require you to follow during student life in Japan.
You will not receive some disadvantages due to your nationality and can avoid unfair job contact as well. The rules such as “Minimum Wage Law” and “Labor Standards Act” are also valid even for foreign student as well as Japanese people.

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